Who is it for?


The Crossing is for everyone who is interested in personal transformation and cares about the state of the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you have little or a lot of experience with self-development and spirituality.

We are all beginners when it comes to The Crossing.

We are all crossing over the for the first time.

We start from the beginning, again and again, no matter how wise or experienced we are.

We have noticed that even as we are designing The Crossing, something is already shifting in us, something new is being called forth in us…

Finding meaning
You may be the successful entrepreneur who is looking for a deeper level of meaning in their lives.
Finding connection
You may be someone who feels disconnected.
Finding closure
You may be someone who can’t seem to shake off the baggage of their past.
Finding adventure
You may be a curious soul who desires depth and adventure.
Finding your way
You may be a recent graduate who already knows there is something more to life than what is laid out for you by society.
Finding a new story
You may be a coach, teacher, therapist, or facilitator - and you need a boost, a new story, a greater sense of intimate communion, direct experiences of enlightenment or awakening, a new field of community, friendship and radical support.
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Ticket sales have ended!

Looks like you’ve missed out on our online ticket sales. But don’t worry just yet! There might still be a chance to secure a ticket by reaching out to us directly at info@thecrossing.be.

Drop us a line or call us at +32 4 86 48 27 84,
and we’ll see if we can work some magic for you.
Thanks for your interest in joining us at The Crossing!

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